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Get Thrilled!

The idea for ThrillaDilla comes from our marveling at the complete meal represented in a quesadilla. We revere this traditional Mexican classic for its flexibility and simplicity. However, even classics can evolve, and so we introduce to you our riff on this venerable preparation.

We call it a dilla, and we want it to thrill you with its flavor, quality, value, and convenience.

We hope to earn a spot in your home as your default take-out meal of choice.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


This is a test.

Yeah, you read that correctly! We're testing our idea. Thanks for checking out what we're up to!

We're open for business temporarily in the Mardi Gras Bowling Center in the Falconbridge Shopping Center.

Come eat our food.

If you're so inclined, take your order and shift gears to Mardi Gras to bowl, play games, and hang out with a beer...enjoy yourself.

We want data and feedback, so please share with us what you ordered and what you thought about how it tasted. We're really interested, so please share away! 


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